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Unrealistic Ridiculous Expectations in the Workplace

There aren’t many things more frustrating than having to follow the directions of someone who has no idea what they’re talking about.

It’s never easy telling someone with little knowledge of a field that their ideas are literally impossible.

This problem is exacerbated by the fact that most people are unwilling to accept the idea that what they want can’t be done, even though they were the ones who asked your expert opinion in the first place.


You better take a second look at the CTA map.

Thrillist Chicago published the first CTA Bar Map and it’s brilliant. .

What’s your favorite CTA Stop?

Kudos to @SeanCooley the Chicago Thrillist Editor. 

Chicago Red Line CTA Map

Red Line
Howard - Rolland’s
Jarvis - Poitin Stil
Morse - Heartland Cafe
Loyola - Cuneen’s
Granville - Bar 63
Thorndale - Moody’s Pub
Brwyn Mawr - Jerry’s Sandwiches
Berwyn - Lady Gregory’s
Argyle - Hopleaf
Lawrence - Green Mill
Wilson - Bar on Buena
Sheridan - Holiday Club
Addison - Sports Corner
Belmont - Sheffield’s
Fullerton - The Barrelhouse Flat
North/Clybourn - Sully’s House
Clark/Division - Zebra Lounge
Chicago - Streeter’s Tavern
Grand - The Berkshire Room
Harrison - Jimmy Green’s
Roosevelt - The Scout
Cermak/Chinatown - Reggie’s
Sox-35th - Cork & Kerry

Green Line CTA Map Chicago

Green Line
Ashland - Cobra Lounge
Morgan - Haymarket Pub & Brewery

Clinton - New Line Tavern

Pink Line CTA Map Chicago

Pink Line
18th - Dusek’s
Polk - Three Aces

Blue Line CTA Map Chicago

Blue Line
Harlem - Tommy’s on Higgins
Jefferson Park - Fischman’s
Montrose - Sidekicks
Irving Park - Independence Tap
Addison - Mirabell
Belmont - Revolution Brewing
Logan Square - The Owl
California - Boiler Room
Western - Gallery Cabaret
Damen - Big Star
Division - Bangers & Lace
Chicago - The Matchbox
Grand - Richard’s Bar
Clinton - Paola’s Vinum
UIC-Halsted - Dugan’s

Racine - Union Park Lounge

Brown Line CTA Map Chicago

Brown Line
Rockwell - Rockwell’s Neighborhood Grill
Western - Huettenbar
Damen - The Rail Bar & Grill
Montrose - Fountainhead
Irving Park - The Globe Pub
Addison - Cork Lounge
Paulina - Four Moon Tavern
Southport - Schuba’s
Wellington - DMK Burger Bar
Diversey - Headquarters
Armitage  - Local Option
Sedgwick - Old Town Ale House
Chicago - Ay Chiwowa
Merchandise Mart - Bull & Bear

Chicago Loop CTA Map

The Loop
Clark/Lake - Sidebar Grille
State/Lake - ROOF at the Wit
Randolph/Wabash - Tavern at the Park
Madison/Wabash - The Berghoff
Adams/Wabash - Miller’s Pub
Library - Brando’s Speakeasy
LaSalle/Van Buren - Cactus Bar & Grill
Quincy/Wells - Franklin Tap
Washington/Wells - Stocks & Blondes

Sam Tsui - Make It Up

Sam Tsui has to be one of my favorite YouTube artists - hands down. Both Sam and his buddy Kurt Hugo Schneider have been at this for over 5 years. From the spine tingling arrangements, creative musical engeneering to the out of this world videos.  

This is Make It Up … also known as my theme song. lol.  If you notice, it’s all done in one continuous shot. It’s a fun original song, and great CD! It’s friggin’ awesome watching as this community of YouTube artists start to grow and I can’t wait to see what’s next.  

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